+ 194,250


Households and Business reached by metro and regional papers.
+ 1.2 m


+ 75,000


link clicks, likes, shares, comments
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The main objective of this campaign was to ensure personal and emotional resonance within the community of bushfire awareness and planning. A concise call to action for residents living in bushfire prone areas to start planning today by discussing and planning for bushfires and creating their own Bushfire Safety Plan - either hard copy or online.

The bushfire campaign tag was concise: Bushfire Why Risk it?

Digital Ink created a series of campaign branded designs ensuring we established an emotional connection with the at-risk audience through imagery and text for a varied array of advertising mediums including:

  • Social Media
  • Catch-up TV
  • Radio
  • Metro and Regional Newspaper advertising
  • Dedicated Bushfire Website including an online Bushfire Safety Plan
  • Print material including a comprehensive Bushfire Safety Plan booklet
  • Material delivered to Internal Volunteer and Staff Firefighters
Bushfire Plan

The campaign has been developed referencing research and focus group testing with people living in bushfire prone areas in Tasmania. We set out to ensure there was a focus on removing the complexity of messaging and simplifying the bushfire safety information and resources. The campaign approach was targeted to:

  • Emotionally engage the at-risk audience and increase ownership of bushfire risk.
  • Clearly communicate the simple planning actions required to be bushfire ready.
  • Encourage the community to generate their own Bushfire Plan.
BushFireCampaign - TFS - Digital Ink

Since the campaign began, there was a considerable increase in people accessing and utilising bushfire planning resources that were generated both online and in print. The bushfire social media campaign generated over 1.2 million impressions and 131,016 unique household reaches per summer campaign with over 75000 actions people took involving the mediums (including link clicks, likes, shares, and comments). There were over 10,690 unique visits to the campaign bushfire website from social media alone per summer campaign and over 157,000 event counts on the website in the last 2 bushfire seasons. There has also been over 194,250 households and business reached by metro and regional papers.

BushFireCampaign - TFS - Digital Ink

The campaign's success is attributed to the agency's focus on simple emotive messaging and the use of mixed media channels and
appropriate mechanisms to reach the Tasmanian Community. The access to TFS resources, both online and in hard copy format, is a testament to the success of the campaign in bringing attention to bushfire safety in our community.