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You're Fired!


You're Fired! is an animated short (10 minutes) developed for the Tasmania Fire Service School Fire Education Program. It is based on a 1990s animation of the same name produced for the NSW Metropolitan Fire Brigade.

It compiles a number of key fire safety messages in a 'game show' style (complete with "adverts") covering the span of the school fire education program, and engages children in a fun and informative way. 

Our version was developed utilising characters from the Tasmania Fire Service School Fired Education Program with additional characters created to expand the cast. All elements were illustrated and animated in-house, and messages were modernised to the fire safety information currently presented to kids. Using Adobe Character Animator and After Effects we were able to bring Tasmania Fire Service's characters to life and modernise a long-running popular video within the program.

Please note: The video is property of Tasmania Fire Service School Fire Education and reserved solely for their in-school program. As such, it is not available for public viewing or embedding.